Thursday, January 10, 2008
Moonshine & Skytoffee

Our first event went off really well, with Basheer's son, Anees coming from Calicut to open the festival. He was very happy and very touched at the event and said how touched he was that Basheer is being remembered in Chennai.

The first of the 2 English plays opens on Friday. 'Moonshine and Skytoffee' is an amalgamation of two of Basheer's stories, 'The Love Letter' and 'The Card-sharpers Daughter'. Both explore love in unlikely circumstances. 'The Love Letter' is about the love of Kesavan Nayar, a Hindu, for his landlord's daughter Saramma, a Christian. 'The Card-sharpers Daughter' is about the unlikely love that develops between Sainaba, the daughter of a card-sharper, and a lovable rogue, Mandan Muthapa, a pickpocket. How these two couples come together in the face of great odds forms the gist of this story. Both these love stories play themselves out with unexpected twists and turns, all laced with Basheer's sparkling wit and irrepressible humor.
Tickets are available at the venue and at all Landmark outlets.

There are matinee and evening shows... at 3:30 and 7:30pm
Ticket rates for matinee show Rs 100 and for eve show Rs 100 and Rs 200 only

Dont miss it...

Looking forward to seeing you there...

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