Friday, December 14, 2007
Mooch Nahin To Kooch Nahin!!

Karuna and Malavika getting moustachioed for the run-through of Sangati Arinhya!(Have You Heard!)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
One Evening At The Garage...

Rajiv (our hassled director): "Ok guys, for better or for worse I am going to have to ask this bunch of rowdies to make some noise for our crowd scenes. *sigh* Lets all take a deep breath and get on with it now ok? Keep your fingers and whatever else you want to crossed! *SIGH*"

Aparna (our verrry enthusiastic ring-leader): Guys!! GUYYYSSS!!!! We have to make LOTS of noise it seems for the crowd scene!!! YAYYYY!!!! All of you follow my lead ok aa? *evil grin*

John (our goateed set designer): Ey man, in Kerala every self-respecting protester will wear red and raise his fist in the air like this. Watch me and learn. *sheesh, what a bunch of monkeys*

Hans (face covered with script. And although we can't see him here, we could most certainly hear him loud and clear!): Hey, shut up all of you and repeat after me. Follow my lead I say! *such children they all are...sigh*

Rashmi (our very own nightingale albeit a ferocious-looking one!): *Look at these people, screeching like a bunch of crows! I'll show them!!*

Vedant (our soft-spoken, always-smiling sound-engineer/musician): *Oh god, I have to make sense of THISSS??? *siiiiighhh*

Rajiv (our by-now even more hassled director): "Guys wait. WAIT!!! You need some more emotion man! Give me emotion!!! Let me show you...

Now THIS is what you call EMOTION!!!!

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