Sunday, January 20, 2008
La la La

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Monday, January 14, 2008
Welcome to Basheer's Land

Basheer ente natukke swagatham
"In this all too brief existence when the life is bubbling with youth and the heart is fragrant with love," last week, we saw the love triumphs of Kesavan Nayar & Saramma, and Mandan Muthappa & Zainaba.
Welcome back to Kaduvakuzhi
Perch presents, as part of Under the Mangosteen Tree, another play - Sangathi Arinhya (Have you Heard?) This is a full length English play, which explores Basheer's life and humour through his own writings. Some of the texts used are Bhargavi Nilayam, The Man, Mathilukal, Aanavariyum Ponkurisum, Poovan Banana, etc. The play is adapted and scripted by one among us, Vaikom Paul Basheer, a.k.a Paul Mathew.
Come and watch Basheer's life and spend a memorable fun filled evening with us, Under the Mangosteen Tree.
Call 9884570784 for tickets.
Shows on 18th, 19th, 20th - 3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

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Friday, January 11, 2008
Moonshine & Skytoffee

When you madly fall in love with someone what all do you have to do to make them stay, make them love you? Come watch Moonshine & Skytoffee - a play adapted by Rajiv Krishnan from Basheer's short stories. Shows on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th... 3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. Students get to buy one ticket and get one ticket free at venue. Join us at Museum Theatre. Tickets available at Landmark, venue, or call 9884570784...

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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Moonshine & Skytoffee

Our first event went off really well, with Basheer's son, Anees coming from Calicut to open the festival. He was very happy and very touched at the event and said how touched he was that Basheer is being remembered in Chennai.

The first of the 2 English plays opens on Friday. 'Moonshine and Skytoffee' is an amalgamation of two of Basheer's stories, 'The Love Letter' and 'The Card-sharpers Daughter'. Both explore love in unlikely circumstances. 'The Love Letter' is about the love of Kesavan Nayar, a Hindu, for his landlord's daughter Saramma, a Christian. 'The Card-sharpers Daughter' is about the unlikely love that develops between Sainaba, the daughter of a card-sharper, and a lovable rogue, Mandan Muthapa, a pickpocket. How these two couples come together in the face of great odds forms the gist of this story. Both these love stories play themselves out with unexpected twists and turns, all laced with Basheer's sparkling wit and irrepressible humor.
Tickets are available at the venue and at all Landmark outlets.

There are matinee and evening shows... at 3:30 and 7:30pm
Ticket rates for matinee show Rs 100 and for eve show Rs 100 and Rs 200 only

Dont miss it...

Looking forward to seeing you there...

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Saturday, January 5, 2008
Translucent Umbrellas

characters of Sangathi Arinhya (Have you heard?) - Basheerikka, ettakaali, jameelabibi, abdul khader,mandan muthappa, ottakannan pokkar, ponkurise thoma........

The sets are in place and the costumes are flowing. The eve of the festival has come. The run-throughs are happening. The schedules are tight. We are practically running through...

Kalpana and John (our set designers) have stayed away from box sets. So, we have some translucent umbrellas, tire wells, and ladders. The space is set free and we can see the plays string together on stage. Basheer's writings breathes life on stage with a mixed scent of laughter, questions, love, interactions, relationships and genuine emotions.

Sangathi Arinhya, especially, strings together Basheerikka's life charged against the socio-political context. The plays use the true essence of Basheer's wry humour. The smell of Kerala, and the look is growing...

the soldier and Basheer - rehearsals (space: G3)

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The Festival Launches

A festival celebrating the legendary Malayalam writer Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (1908 – 1994), in Chennai, January 2008. Basheer was a universally loved and admired Malayalam novelist and short story writer. A gifted raconteur, he drew people from all walks of life to the Mangosteen tree in his house in Beypore, Calicut, where he spent the latter part of his life. Over three weeks, in different venues in the city, we will be presenting two plays, a fun grand mela, a music concert, a photo exhibition, food festival, a writer’s symposium and film screenings, celebrating the magic of Basheer.

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Friday, January 4, 2008
And the festt beginnnnnnnnnsss.....!

"Greetings From PERCH"


A festival celebrating the centenary year of legendary Malayalam short story writer and novelist

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (1908-1994)
Based on the life and works of the writer, we are presenting the following events at various venues across the city (6th-27th Jan 08)

A Grand Mela
Two English Plays
A Music Concert
Two Films
A Literary Symposium
A Photo Exhibition
A Food Festival
A Dance Performance

Basheer lived the last 30 years of his life in the quiet seaside town of Beypore, outside Calicut and was so well-loved that he acquired the sobriquet 'Beypore Sultan'. In Vylalil House, he used to spend his happiest hours 'under the Mangosteen tree' in his garden, writing, listening to music and narrating his stories to an eager gathering of admirers.

Under the Mangosteen Tree is a tribute to this literary icon in his centenary year.
For details and ticket bookings call 9840530269 / 9884570784 .

You could also visit our website

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Perch Group

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Perch Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Perch - Performers in Chennai, is a new collective formed by enthusiasts who want to push the 'creative' envelope using space, theatre, film, music, art and various forms of expression...

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